RRO Cases & Coronavirus

We urge all Rent Repayment Order (RRO) Applicants to write to their Tribunal to request a paper determination or the alternative of a video hearing. Paper determinations are regularly made at the Northern Tribunal for RRO cases, for example these 5 cases: MAN/00CJ/HMF/2019/0063-68 . London and other Tribunals have been slower to develop this approach. Now is the time for them to give this serious consideration as the preferred option.

Tribunals have previously granted permission for participation by Skype and you should also request this in good time as an alternative.

Flat Justice wrote to First-tier Tribunal Property Chamber (Residential Property) (FtT) London last week with these suggestions. Here is a copy of our letter . There is little reason why the majority of RRO cases shouldn’t be heard without any need for attendance by Applicants, Respondents or Judges and associated staff.