100% is new normal for RROs

A quick look at June Rent Repayment Orders (RROs) in London shows that 100% awards, with no deductions is the new normal for RRO awards despite Awad v Hooley. Below is a table of the awards made in June at the London First-tier Tribunal Property Chamber (Residential Property) (FtT) for RRO cases where an award was made.
This is useful evidence for RRO Applicants to counter wishful claims from landlords -& their solicitors- that awards are now much lower following the case of Awad v Hooley [2021] UKUT 55 (LC) (Awad) where a 75% discount was confirmed by the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) (UT) in March this year. Clearly the Awad situation was exceptional and RROs remain the most effective way for tenants to receive proper compensation from criminal landlords. List in order of publication:

Case number & URL hyperlinkDate of DecisionRent paid in period of offenceAward%-age of rent
LON/00AP/HMF/2020/022325th June 202129,119.9226,207.9390%
LON/00BD/HMF/2020/0268  22nd June 202145004500100%
LON/00BG/HMF/2020/018917th June 202131,20031,200100%
LON/00BG/HMF/2020/026421st June 20217,784.397,598.9597.6% (some utilities deducted- not council tax or water)
LON/00BB/HMF/2020/020821st June 20217,350661590%
LON/00AY/HMF/2020/018011th June 202110,50010,500100%
LON/00AG/HMF/2021/000921st June 202138,266.234,291.3589.6% (100% after deduction of utilities)
LON/00AG/HMF/2021/000818th June 202134,843.0034,843.00100%
LON/00AH/HMF/2020/02218th June 202172007200100%
LON/00AE/HMF/2020/01741st June 20211080010800100%
LON/00AM/HMF/2020/021714th June 202168,366.4568,366.45100%
LON/00AL/HSD/2020/000414th June 20216,244.616,244.61100%
LON/00AY/HMF/2020/02547th June 202133,00033,000100%
LON/00AG/HMF/2020/02132nd June 20215,568.615,568.61100%